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Unlocking America's History, One Tour at a Time

Let The Healing Continue!

Retrace U.S. History from Slavery to Reconstruction to Jim Crow to Civil Rights to the 21st Century!

QCT Miami Black Heritage Toursm!

Explore Miami's rich tapestry; dive into its vibrant Black Heritage, unravel tales of resilience and legacy!

QCT Charlotte Black Heritage Toursm!

Discover Charlotte’s Black Heritage; experience moments of vibrant cultures shaping the Queen City!

QCT Charlotte pilgrimage Toursm!

Traverse Charlotte's poignant paths, confronting the harsh realities of slavery, and it's ancestors!

Pronounced flaw-l-ga-nick!

A multiday historic journey from Florida to Alabama to Georgia to North Carolina! Black History Month and Juneteenth.

QCT a day in charleston sc Tripsm!

Explore Charleston; delve into its storied past, confronting shadows of slavery and celebrating enduring spirits!

We took the Charlotte Pilgrimage Tour with Jay. It was a great experience. Jay was prompt, professional, and very informative about past and present culture. I highly recommend this tour and look forward to other tours.
My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our Black Pilgrimage Tour. We saw many historic sites and gained a better understanding of the history of the Hornets Nest, Reginald Hawkins, and many other historic information of the Black Experience in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.
I booked the tour for me, my aunts, and my 12 year old daughter. We absolutely loved all the knowledge that Jay shared about the area, buildings, and homes. I was happily surprised when my 12 year old mentioned some of the information over our lunch later on.

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black Charlotte from a Tour guide's perspective!

Delves into the city's triumphant highs, painful lows, and pivotal moments, presenting a raw, unfiltered historical journey!

Queen Charlotte to Meghan Markle!

Uncovers striking parallels between two royals, intertwined by shared racial heritage and unique challenges faced in different centuries!

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Welcome to Freedom Ride Tours, your Passport to America’s Pivotal Moments, founded by Juan D. “Jay” Whipple. We specialize in unlocking America’s history, one tour at a time, providing a Journey Through Time to Experience Freedom, for travelers and tourists from across the globe. Our meticulously curated experiences enable you to Relive History, One Mile at a Time, as we guide you through the roads to freedom, uncovering stories of heroes and legends.

Our platform is not just about travel; it’s about a journey through the rich tapestry of American heritage, where every stop is a story waiting to be told. “Each One, Teach One” is the principle that fuels our passion, leading to the creation of this community of learning and discovery. We believe in bridging generations through the tales of freedom, offering the ultimate adventure in American heritage. Discover with us, as we retrace the steps of heroes and legends, creating a ride through time, a journey for life, and leaving a lasting impact on every explorer who seeks to unearth the depth of America’s vibrant history.



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