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Welcome to Freedom Ride Tours, your Passport to America’s Pivotal Moments, founded by Juan D. “Jay” Whipple. We specialize in unlocking America’s history, one tour at a time, providing a Journey Through Time to Experience Freedom, for travelers and tourists from across the globe. Our meticulously curated experiences enable you to Relive History, One Mile at a Time, as we guide you through the roads to freedom, uncovering stories of heroes and legends.

Our platform is not just about travel; it’s about a journey through the rich tapestry of American heritage, where every stop is a story waiting to be told. “Each One, Teach One” is the principle that fuels our passion, leading to the creation of this community of learning and discovery. We believe in bridging generations through the tales of freedom, offering the ultimate adventure in American heritage. Discover with us, as we retrace the steps of heroes and legends, creating a ride through time, a journey for life, and leaving a lasting impact on every explorer who seeks to unearth the depth of America’s vibrant history.



Charlotte, NC

Miami, FL

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