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Congressman John Lewis - QCT FLALGANC Experience - Queen City Tours

U.S. Congressman (1987 – 2021) John Lewis (Civil Rights Hero; 1940 – 2020)!

QCT Miami Black Heritage Tour
QCT Miami Black Heritage Toursm

Discover the rich tapestry of over 120 years of Black history in Miami, witnessing past achievements, present developments, and future aspirations on our immersive 3-hour guided experience. Click here for more info…

Historic Rosewood Florida Community - QCT FLALGANC Experience - Queen City Tours
Historic Rosewood Florida Community

Embark on a poignant journey with our Rosewood, Florida bus experience, uncovering the hauntingly rich history and stories of this once-thriving Black community destroyed by hate. Navigate through the remnants of a locale once bubbling with life, and hear the tales of resilience and remembrance, ensuring the spirit of Rosewood echoes through the annals of history. Engage in a deeply moving exploration, curated to etch an unforgettable narrative of loss, strength, and reflection into every visitor’s heart. Book your spot today for an exclusive, heartrending experience into Florida‘s concealed past, right here on the QCT FLALGANC Experiencesm.  Check out the movie trailer here starring award-winning actor Don Cheadle.

Explore Pensacola Florida's Black Heritage
Explore Pensacola Florida’s Black Heritage

Experience Pensacola‘s diverse chapters with our enlightening Black history bus experience, revealing essential tales from Slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Civil Rights to the vibrant 21st Century. Our journey delicately weaves through the captivating, multifaceted narratives of Pensacola, unearthing the good, bad, and starkly ugly facets of its history. With each stop, immerse yourself in stories of bravery, oppression, and evolution, exploring landmarks and hidden gems that have witnessed centuries of change and resistance. Secure your seat now to traverse through time and understand Pensacola’s Black heritage like never before, exclusively with our expert-guided experience.

An Unforgettable Journey Along the Selma to Montgomery Trail
An Unforgettable Journey Along the Historic Selma to Montgomery Trail

Embark on a poignant journey from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama with our meticulously curated bus experience, spotlighting crucial civil rights milestones like Bloody Sunday at the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Rosa Parks‘ catalytic bus boycott, and the humble dwellings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Explore the soul-stirring narratives of resistance, bravery, and change as we traverse significant locales including Dr. King’s inspiring Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, ensuring each traveler garners a profound, unforgettable understanding of these pivotal events in American history.

Rosa Parks Library and Museum Montgomery Alabama
Rosa Parks Library and Museum Montgomery Alabama

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Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Wife Coretta Gravesite
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Wife Coretta Gravesite

Embark on a heart-touching exploration into the lives of two people whose messages of peace, equality, and justice reverberated around the world. Our Atlanta experience is not merely a trip; it’s a deep dive into a pivotal era where the spirited voices of Dr. King and Coretta Scott King echo in every landmark, from the serenity of their gravesites to the preserved sanctity of their former home and the King Center. This journey, weaving through the crucial locales of the Kings‘ lives, epitomizes more than history—it’s where stories of hope, perseverance, and unwavering belief light the path of understanding our shared past, allowing each visitor to capture insights into moments that reshaped our world.

Ebenezer Baptisit Church Atlanta, Georgia
Ebenezer Baptisit Church Atlanta, Georgia

Delve into a monumental journey through the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, where stories of ambition, perseverance, and leadership echo through the charming yet powerfully historic streets. Our meticulously curated bus experience escorts you through iconic sites such as the Ebenezer Baptist Church, a symbol of steadfast faith and community spirit, unfolding the saga of Dr. King’s parents’ bold move to this pulsating city. Your experience amplifies as you tread through emotional narratives, witnessing the very spots that held the grief and reverence during Dr. King Jr.‘s ceremonious farewell. It’s not just a experience; it’s a pilgrimage through history, offering a profound link to the moments and places that helped shape a resilient civil rights movement, unearthing Atlanta‘s enduring spirit, and revealing the tapestry of love, tragedy, and triumph intricately woven into its landscapes.

In each narrative moment, allow your senses to absorb the silent yet potent reverberations of history, visualizing the spirited sermons within the walls of Ebenezer Baptist Church, feeling the impactful trembles of a family’s journey in the pursuit of equality, and immersing yourself into an emotional reservoir as you traverse through the spaces that bore witness to a hero’s goodbye. This isn’t just a journey through historical landmarks; it’s an emotive voyage that tenderly unearths the threads of struggle, hope, and victorious milestones embedded in Atlanta’s soul, crafting not merely an excursion but an intimate dialogue with history, inviting reflection, reverence, and a deeper understanding of the paths tread by giants in our past.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue, Charlotte, NC

Visit 3 Slave Cemeteries and a former Slave church as we re-create the Interfaith Pilgrimage of 1998 via the QCT Charlotte Pilgrimage Toursm. Plus over 50 sites of Charlotte’s Black/African-American and mainstream history.

QCT Charlotte Pilgrimage Tour
QCT Charlotte Pilgrimage Toursm
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Miami, FL 33147

Charlotte, North Carolina:
Food Lion Shopping Plaza

3207 Eastway Dr,
Charlotte, NC 28205

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Jordan Family Reunion - QCT Charlotte Black Heritage Tour - Queen City Tours
Jordan Family Reunion

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